About Us

Company History

2006 was an eventful year. Italy won the World Cup in Germany, Facebook launched to the public, and my husband, Paul, and I bought our first investment property.

The 2 years following were not as celebratory. I had agreed to manage the rental units while Paul continued to focus on growing our real estate portfolio. This marked the beginning of the steep learning curve that was my real estate training.

We started with a duplex close to the Oshawa Center. Through self-study and trial and error I learned how to find and identify good tenants. Our next investment was a brick bungalow we converted into a duplex and soon after that we bought a few single family rentals. By this time, I was fluent in tenant relations and had performed enough repairs to consider offering my handyman services on Kijiji!

My mother watched our investments grow and decided to give real estate investing a shot. With our guidance and expertise, she bought 4 properties in a matter of 2 years and hired me to manage them. Then, a family friend called to inquire about our property management services. She was sick and tired of dealing with her bad tenants and wanted to spend more time with her children. Before I knew it, I became the go-to property management expert in our circle. ICPM was naturally conceived when I found I could easily share my experience, systems and local team with other investors.

Think about what could do with your newfound time and energy. Focus on your next investment? Learn a new skill? Spend time with family and friends? Take advantage of our services to focus on what matters most to you!

Because with Investor’s Choice… You are in good hands!

— Natasha Cultraro


To provide investors with a cost effective property management solution that reduces risk and maximizes profitability.

Core Values

At ICPM, we are investors just like you! Our Core Values define how we treat our clients, both Landlords and Tenants. Our Values are embedded in the way we operate and in the services we provide.


Demonstrated by our honesty, good moral principles, and doing what we say we are going to do.


Being there for you, for your tenants, and your assets.


We offer consistent results and peace of mind through deliberate and persistent efforts.


Over 10 years of maintenance skills and tenant relations make us the go-to, well-rounded property management experts we are.