7 Ways a Property Manager can save you Money

A property manager can help alleviate stress while managing properties

It may seem counter-intuitive that paying a monthly service fee can increase your bottom line, but one must never underestimate the power of a great property manager! Here are 7 ways that hiring a property manager can save you money:

1. High Quality Tenants

The best way to reduce vacancy is to keep units occupied with good tenants. A professional property manager has a sixth sense when it comes to interviewing tenants but will never skimp on the credit check, reference checks, rental history, and the good-for-measure Google search.

2. Reduced Vacancy Periods

Professional property managers literally make it their business to find good tenants for your property as quickly as possible. Aggressive marketing, diligent follow up and streamlined processes minimize or eliminate rental losses.

3. Tight Rent Collection and Eviction Processes

Experienced professionals will greatly decrease the time it takes to get bad tenants out, good tenants in and money in your pocket. Knowing the legal processes inside out means no time is wasted in collecting what is owed to you and placing new tenants.

4. Regularly Scheduled Inspections

Proactively inspecting the property’s foundation, HVAC, mechanical equipment & appliances can identify small issues before they become big, expensive problems.

5. Reduced Maintenance Expenses

Professional property managers have established relationships with local service professionals. They likely pay these partners at a discounted rate and will pass on those savings to you.

6. Reduced Operations Costs

Take advantage of a property manager’s accounting and property management software instead of buying your own.

7. Competitive Rent Rates

If it’s too high, it will be vacant longer. If it’s too low, you are leaving money on the table. Get it right – trust a pro to help you determine the optimal rent for your unit.