Tanya and Ian Szabo
"We have had the pleasure to work with Investor's Choice Property Management, Inc several times with our rental properties. Our experience in working with Natasha and her colleagues have been very positive. They are very professional, organized, and friendly. We have had good outcomes with them filling our rental vacancies. We have full confidence in their ability to screen potential tenants and put forth the "best fit" for the property. We have had great experience working with them and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them."
Sheila Coleman
"I have been a landlord for over 15 years and thought to hire Natasha from Investor's Choice Property Management to find tenants for my next two vacancies. Natasha was able to find excellent tenants and saved me time and ultimately money. It is great to offload the burden of screening tenants, preparing lease agreements, showing the property, fielding calls etc. as Natasha was able to fill both vacancies (AAA tenants) without any time lapse in between tenants. I am very happy with the professionalism and personal service Investor's Choice Property Management has provided and will be certainly using their services again. "
"The team at ICPM takes great care of my residential triplex in Whitby. They are responsive and effective in dealing with management and tenant issues, as well as finding new tenants to fill a vacancy. Having them on my team has taken away the stress from owning a rental property and saved me valuable time to focus on what I really like doing. Investing in their services is definitely worth it."
Han Wang
"Natasha has been managing my duplex in Oshawa for about less than 2 years and she has been amazing! She is very responsive in communications with both owner and tenants, and her team is very organized and efficient in handling maintenance requests. She has been very friendly and professional with my tenants. I wouldn't have had the capacity to own this property for this long without her help!"
Al, Ryan and Marlene Liberatore
"The price tag for renting to the wrong tenant can be hefty. Is it worth the money to hire someone experienced to help you out? I can confirm that it is worth every penny. We found Natasha from Investors Choice Property Management Inc. through a reference and using her services was the best decision we made. "